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Wlcome to La Gota Paintball
  • Paintball La Gota
  • Paintball La Gota
  • Paintball La Gota
  • Paintball La Gota

Paintball La Gota

The best adventure you can find near Ebre's River in Catalonia

La Gota Paintball
La Gota Paintball is located in the heart of the Valley of 'La Gota', a central landmark in the village of Mˇra la Nova. A new adventure for those who know the art of Paintball, or want to have fun with their friends.

In a land where the Great Battle of the Ebre river took place during the Spanish Civil War, the circuit is in the Valley steep on a rough terrain overgrown, making the site an ideal location to play the game of paintball.

Running through the trees, you hide in the rocks and using the trenches strategically created in the circuit, it makes the game a constantly emotion where you will have to fight for not to be hooked by the most audicious.

Bookings: +34 638198162 / + 34 650807096
Our circuit will allow you to live this experience with your friends, or against them! It will all depend on your willing of playing and having fun