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Wlcome to La Gota Paintball
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  • Paintball La Gota
  • Paintball La Gota
  • Paintball La Gota

Paintball La Gota

The best adventure you can find near Ebre's River in Catalonia


Elimination Pro:
Players face two teams. Only the players are eliminated by means of a shot in the head, having to remain outside the playing field without intervening in the game. In this game of great precision, the team that eliminates the opposing team wins.

Single flag:
A flag is placed in the center of the field and the teams must leave from one end of their field. They will face to get the flag and take it to his field. The team that captures the flag or eliminates the entire opposing team is the winner.

Double Flag:
A flag is placed in the zone of each team, they will face to get the flag of the other team and take it to the exit zone.

Capture the commander:
A captain of each team will be appointed, who will make a distinction. The only way to finish the game will be eliminating this captain from the opposite team. Players who are eliminated will return to their starting zone, in which they will be incorporated into the game, after clearing the spots.

A small group tears in a place surrounded by enemy troops, who have assaulted the place to eliminate the entire group.

A single individual must be able to enter into enemy territory.

Headshot squad:
Will win the team that manages to get one of its components into enemy territory without receiving a shot at the head.

The VIP:
Each team has a player who will be the VIP. This one, has no marker and must be protected from the opposite team. One of the two teams will win when they have eliminated all the members of the opposing team, eliminated in the VIP or the VIP has been surrendered.

A team will have to defend an area of ​​goals (caps, flags or the like) located near the central base. There will be three to five goals (depending on the size of the group) sensitive to being the object of the opposite team's failure. To do this, first of all, the monitors will hide 2 markers on the pitch with 15 balls. The blue team will be accompanied by their referee in the central zone and will be distributed throughout the zone of influence of the three or five goals to defend. Once everything prepared the red team will enter the forest from the points that they want without markers and by means of the stealth they will have to deceive to the blue equipment to take control of some of the objectives. When a member of the red team reaches a goal, they will have won. Also the red team has the option of finding the markers and using them in defense and escort of their classmates. Of course, any member can perform whenever he wants.

Search and get:
The blue team will defend from 3 to 5 goals located near the central base (its shelter). Thus, they will settle first in the forest and prepare their defense in two minutes. The red team will be assigned a single goal. The red team will enter where it deems convenient on the pitch. If the red is done with the designated goal (remember that the blue team does not know which one is) will win the game.

Last standing man:
Each player is placed separately by 40 m from the next in the perimeter area of ​​the playing field, when the warning sound will enter the ground, where, after thirty seconds they can begin to play. Will win the last player that remains uninstituted.

The standard:
Each team has a flag that will have to be placed on the opposite base. The team that places it or eliminates the opposite wins the game.

The traitor:
Before starting the game for a secret draw, one treats each team that eliminates their team before the end of the game.