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Wlcome to La Gota Paintball
  • Paintball La Gota
  • Paintball La Gota
  • Paintball La Gota
  • Paintball La Gota

Paintball La Gota

The best adventure you can find near Ebre's River in Catalonia

To the attack! Everyone inside the trenches and snap your enemy before it destroys you with a shot in the back.
With this game you can enjoy an ... { + info }
Price: 25€
The sun goes down and the hunters want to take the field TO KILL! What about a little playing of Paintball night from 1am? There is not so much lightly, and things ... { + info }
Price: Desde / from 30 €
However, if after playing you want to eat, we have a catering service; For more information, consult us.
Price: a consultar / on request
THERE WE GO! WITH THIS BOX YOU JUST BEAT EVERYONE DOWN! Get the 2.000 balls and go out to the field to shoot at close range.
* Availability to buy the ... { + info }
Price: 110€